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Elements are basic building blocks, the components required for growth. This is true whether we're talking from an atomic standpoint or from the multi-cultural belief that everything can be reduced to a variation of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  My design philosophy incorporates simplicity, great materials, and clear messaging. Too often, a brand or company is so wrapped up in the extraneous details of what they do that their core idea becomes muddy to their users. Sometimes complicated layers work, but the foundation needs to be firmly built on the essentials. In most cases, great elements are all that's needed.

I am a designer at many scales. While I'm trained in architecture, landscape, and planning, I'm not going to choose a career in one and leave the others behind. These aren't multiple hats I wear, but many fields that fall under the common umbrella of Design. I will redesign the entry to your business to attract local traffic and reflect the identity of your company. However, I will also consider regionally appropriate plants, neighborhood scale, ADA compliant approaches, smarter parking design, and how your storefront is reflected in your online presence. 

Good design scales. 

My clients are heard and respected. I understand your budget constraints, requirements for a project's success, and hopes for financial growth. I listen to the client's vision for themselves, their projects, and the lifestyle they want to craft. Whether consulting on your first home that you need to improve yourself, comparing several properties' potential for purchase, or giving rental properties a modern face-lift, my consulting packages can fit your budget and your goals.

We collaborate

and your exciting ideas get translated into build-able documents.

We collaborate

and your project is creatively resolved on time and on budget.

We collaborate

and you watch your projects built better than you'd imagined. 

Welcome to Element Studio