Usually, I prefer a ponytail and yoga pants.

Usually, I prefer a ponytail and yoga pants.

I'm happy to connect with you!

We met at a coffee shop or conference. Maybe you stopped me on the trail to comment on my awesome cat backpack. My question to you is this: what kind of design services make most sense for your latest project?

I can sit down with you and review the potential of several properties you are considering, visit sites for you in another city, or review images and plans you provide me. Maybe you need full architectural services to get a cafe through permitting or you just need to discuss a strategy to transition your business brand into an engaging online presence. Above all else, I can offer design services structured for scope, as simple or extensive as required. We'll figure out how to make your project great within your budget and program.

Update me on your latest interest, what you may need me in on, and we can discuss the potential of upcoming projects. If you do need design services, I'm offering a 25% discount to conference connections, so just mention that and its yours.

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Hope to hear from you soon!